i have a strat guitar. i just wanted the seymour duncan evh. and i was wondering where to get it. ive been searching everywhere.

And about the neck, where can i find a neck just like van halen without the tremelo. THanks
email me: van_halen_guitar@hotmail.com
Go to Seymour Duncan website, and click on Custom Shop humbuckers. Its the '78 model, its not longer called the EVH (which actually stood for Evenly Voiced Harmonics I believe).
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no wonder i couldnt find it. i thought it was called EVH '78 model.
anybody know about his guitar neck?
I believe the '78 isn't even the same one as the old EVH, look around the EVH forum, many many replica builders there and there's a tutorial to get the EVH pickup (need to mix two pickups toghether).

And the neck, I assume you mean the Fender one? Any place that does replacement necks should have a 21 fret maple neck with a strat headstock.