Yep I'm building a guitar. First I took a lighter to the finish, at random I might add.


Then I clear-coted over that.

Next I tried to scallop the 12th and a higher fret by myself, lol. I think I'll have pro do that.


Other fret

I plan to buy a Wilkinson Fulcrum trem bridge, a new neck (if this one can't be saved), and a prewired pickguard (undecided).

What do you guys think?
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sounds cool. What body are you using?
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A Saga guitar kit body, lol. My brother built it, never did anything with it, it played like shit so he gave it to me. More pics as it is completed.
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lol, what did you do to those frets you tried to scallop. It looks like you scratched them. If I were scalloping I'd definitely use a round file, and then switch to a dowel with sand paper wrapped around it.
I took a drillbit with a rough tip on it. Not doing that again.

And thanks for the tip. =)
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