This may be the wrong forum, but I figured you guys would be able to help me more than the people at Electric Guitar.

So recently I added some tremolo springs to my strat because I had upped the string gauge considerably. So when I went to the store to get the springs, the dude there warned me about the neck, and how it probably has warped. So now I'm home and ready to restring my guitar with the heavier strings (Power Slinkies, 11's). So would it be safe to string it up? (Note: when the bridge first got raised up, when I first put 11's on the guitar, i checked the neck by pressing the first and 14th frets to see if it was bent, and as far as I could tell, it was fine).
string it up and check the neck, if its too bowed adjust the truss rod. 1\4 turn at a time and keep checking. Don't tighten it too much or you'll punch through the fretboard or the back of the neck. Slightly comical when it happens to someone else but rather expensive to repair.
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SRV used .13s on a strat with no warping the neck issues. I have .11s on a strat and just needed to adjust the truss rod. Never had any problems with the neck.
It shouldn't cause any serious harm to the neck. I use strings on my strat that are a bit heavier than that. It just may need some tweaking afterwards.
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string up, let it settle, then if you are having issues (ie action too high/fret buzz) post in the guitar set up QandA thread in the electric guitar forum. Jenny checks that thread and should respond with sound advice.

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i have .11's on my strat with no problem.
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heavier strings are going to pull more on the headstock.

no one can say for sure if an adjustment will be needed.

swap one string at a time, then repost if needed.

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