Worth buying? I can also buy gt 8 playing melodic death metal mostly...
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I now have a ibanez rg321ex and roland micro cube... The Gt-10 is not too much here. the american prices of a tube amp and gt 10 is the same but here a good tube amp is a lot more than gt-10 plus gt10 has umlimited effects and tone...so is it a good decision to buy one? (i will never buy a tube amp cos its too big and expensive and it only has one distortion and clean while gt 10 has a lot.)
ehh, sure but you might want to pick up some sort of key board amp. It will take the gt-10 a lot better then the micro cube...
I don't normally do this but I would buy the POD X3 over the GT10 for the death metal it's better at metal tones than the GT10 the GT10 is much better at the classic rock/rock/hair metal stuff
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