alll of a sudden it is acting weird. i can barely hear it.. i thought it was my cable so i got a new one and still is acting weird. my old cable was bent so dint work very well anyway. when i use the footswitch it doesnt work now. and it doesnt sound like its suppose to at all and ive tried putting it full blast and nothing works.
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Sorry but MGs are known for these kind of issues. You could pay to get it fixed but SS stuff isnt cheap or easy to get fixed. Its usually cheaper to buy another amp.
its done this before and it kind of fixed itself idk
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buy another amp, MG series are known for there ****ty quality. As for your help anyway, it could be one of the wires going to the speaker in the back, the input on your amp might be messed out the output on your guitar.
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I wish I good news, but these guys are right. Start saving for a new amp. You'll be happier in the long run. Paying a tech to repair it is just throwing money into a hole.
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