Im saving up to buy a mid-priced guitar. Im trying to decide between a Gibson SG Faded Special or a Gretsch Electromatic Duo Jet Double cut. My first guitar was an Epiphone SG Faded, i ended up trading it for a Fender Strat, which was a smart move. I currently use a Gibson Les Paul Classic, which is my main guitar. I love gibson guitars and have always liked SGs (Les Pauls are my favorite though) and kinda want my sg back alittle. However, i feel like gretschs are great guitars, and sort of find the need to get a different guitar. gretschs have always interested me, ever since i saw George Harrison with one.

HELP!!!!! Is there any advice? Any pros and cons to one or the other? Any mini reviews of each guitar? Please...
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It really depends on what you want to play. Gretsch's have a jangly higher end sound and are used in softer music, like the beatles, U2, some rockabilly, etc. if you're going for more soft/country stuff then go for the gretsch.

An SG is more for your rock based music. Its good for metal, rock, hard rock, classic rock, and some other stuff.

it all depends on what you want to play.