Here is the original thread incase you guys missed it.

I had a tech friend come in and look at the fuse/general overview of the amp. He said everything he looked at is working properly, which is starting to scare me, cause now it might be a more serious problem. I called Fender today and told them the honest truth (about how it was dropped), and believe it or not, they DO cover it . Only problem...about 2-3 months for the whole process to be completed. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to wait 2-3 months to get my amp back :S.

I sent it in to a tech shop earlier today. The guy is one of the best, and was recommended by a good friend of mine. He does work on all kinds of amp (Mesa Boogies/Bogners/Marshalls, ect).

As for suing the kid/making him pay...The bassist has been my friend for years, so not sure I want to do that just yet. We'll see how much damage was done to the amp exactly, then I'll make up my mind after that.

Will keep you guys updated. Thanks for all the comments on the other thread, I read all of them and appreciate it.

Hooray for the warranty!

I still say though, make the little ****er pay.
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Hooray for the warranty!

I still say though, make the little ****er pay.

He's the bassist's brother..
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Smooth man thats pretty cool they will cover it.. It really makes me re-think the 5150III as a future purchase now...

And more then likely the guys parents will cover it if you give them a written estimate and they could possibly claim it under there home owners insurance so it might not be a big deal. But i would do something about it someone needs to take responsibility what happens when that same kid gets older and destroys something more valuable its a learning experiance for the kid and the parents. It shouldnt of happened in the first place so something really should be done about it.
Glad to hear it's covered man...that's a ****ing killer amp. Hope it goes as fast and smoothly as possible.
Congrats! You should still get back at that kid somehow.

My solution; hide gay porn in his closet, than get someone in his family to go look in there: instant payback.

Seriously though, that's good your amps getting fixed. It would have sucked big time if your amp was screwed up by some little kid messin around.
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He's the bassist's brother..

So?? He's still the responsible party. I could understand if it was an accident, but the kid clearly did it on purpose - he should have to pay for it!
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Congrats! You should still get back at that kid somehow.

My solution; hide gay porn in his closet, than get someone in his family to go look in there: instant payback.

Think about this for a second. That means he'd have to actively go looking for gay porn to hide it. Would you do that? I'd rather let the kid off .
A+ for effort, though

Edit: Almost forgot. Congrats, INSANITY! I can't believe it paid off to tell the truth in this case. Good for you, man. I feel better now, because my 5150 III footswitch didn't work when I got it, & I'm in the process of trying to get it replaced.
I work on cars for a living, & we see people trying to to get warranty coverage for all kinds of stupid stuff, & we always just laugh & say no way. Too bad you spilled coffee all over your $4000 radio. IT AIN'T COVERED. Hell, we had one lady fill her tank with diesel fuel (in a gasoline-powered car) & get all pissed off because we wouldn't warranty the extensive repairs!
BTW-most parents would be willing to pay for damage their kids cause, so I'd go to them before trying to retaliate against some young kid.
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Dammit. Well....obviously he'd be going to a far away town and getting SOMETHING that had a man on the cover; he doesn't neccesarily have to LOOK at it.

Or he could get like, a friend to do it....

Nevermind....that'd just be an awkard conversaton between him and his friend, which would undoubtably be spread through other friends, etc etc.
i say you go to the kid and parents, and ask them to pay for it. tell them they dont have to, but you would like it if they would take responsibility for what was obviously his fault. unless they are cold and heartless, they will feel too guilty not to pay.
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Hmm, I suspect it has something to do with the part on fenders webstie where they say they let Eddie smash it a couple of times... and it was still working.
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