I've decided to build a chorus pedal, specifcally a Boss CE-2 clone. However, I wanted to add one of the mods suggested in this layout, the effects level mod. My question is, where should I make the actual connections for the pot controlling the effects level. I've never done flying leads from a PCB, so I'm not 100% about the best way to attach it. Most of my confusion comes from the fact that I only see two points to attach the pot on the board, but obviously, I need a third. Any help is much appreciated. Here's the schematic I'm using: http://tonepad.com/getFile.asp?id=101
Lugs 2 and 1 are connected... This is the same as just using lugs 3 and 2. Research pots, this is kinda just basically knowledge (not to sound like a dick).

Anyways I would get the effect working stock before you go doing mods.