Hey guys, so I'm looking at some seven strings for my next guitar (possibly even an eight string), and I was specifically looking at the Ibanez RG1527. It has an Edge Zero floating trem, now, being someone who really hasn't looked at Ibanez...es... Ibanii... Very many Ibanez guitars in the past , what is the key difference of the OFR and the Edge Zero? What are some pro's and con's? Can I replace the EZ with an OFR or would that take a lot of routing?

I was just wondering seeing as I haven't tried any of the Ibanez trems, and I know atleast the Edge III is terrible unless set up precisely, so if someone could just do a short little comparison I'd really appreciate it.

I was also thinking about installing SD Blackout 7-strings ( ), would it be too hard to make the switch from passive to active?

EDIT: Whoops, my bad, the trem is actually the Edge Pro 7.
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From what I understand, the Edge III is Ibanez's only bad trem. Edge Zeros are pretty good, you wont need to change it
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Once Again Youd Be Putting Holes In Your Guitar By Adding The Battery Slot...or Just Duct Tape It To The Back
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you could use the existing control cavity for the battery. if not just put a battery holder on the cavity cover with some extra wire so you can remove it with ease.
as for the trems, read up: http://www.lawl.net/gtr/trems
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