a'ight so my guitar teacher has always wanted a guitar that is like a combo between a v and a strat. then i remember the ibanez rg voyager which is exactly what he wanted, a cutout right under the floyd rose shaped like a v. i am going to tell him about it, but i was wondering if there is any place that he could get it from other than ebay(they are either super expensive or there aren't any)
I don't think Ibanez makes voyager RG's any more.
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This site sometimes has them.

They weren't made for a very long time though, so they're pretty hard to find and as you already noticed, they're pretty expensive.

They made cheaper ones, too, like the RBM10, but even Reb Beach himself has said they're crap.
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Yeah Reb Beach stopped with the Ibanez RBM Models I believe in...1995-96. If you can find an original RBM2NT Model...you have hit the jackpot.
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