Basicly the question is in the thread name,

Anywhere i can buy an agile interceptor in the UK?

Hopefully, because if this used deal doesnt work out with this guy im dealing with id want to buy a new one.
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ebay and rondomusic.com are the only sites i know

"in the UK?"

I think Kurt might be willing to ship overseas, but I wouldn't order from him imo. It's probably too much hassle if you want to return it.
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I've heard Kurt will ship to the UK but it's about £50 shipping
imo that'd be worth it, I'd love an Agile 7 string
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yeah +1 to just paying the shipping.
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There's no Agile shop outside US. Rondomusic ships international and the shipping is around 130 USD I think.

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Not worth it - once you factor in shipping, VAT and customs they're no longer worth the money.
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