Hey there, I just have a question to ask. First of all, I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong forum or there is another forum like this that has already been created and answered before. But, I was wondering if there was a website or program or something that you can download onto your computer that has all the parts to a song except for Lead. So, that I don't have to record all of the rhythm in stuff. I'm not wanting to make the song a cover or anything. I just want to practice the Lead part of some songs, so that I can get the timing down right and everything. So, then I could just play the song through the computer's speakers and I could play the Lead along with it.
What you're looking for is a backing track. google free guitar backing tracks, and they'll give you an mp3 of the file you want. download it, and open it w/ a program like audacity, or itunes, and just play along
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