the jack sometimes comes a bit loose, and i tighten it by hand cuz im foolish. wires might be crossed up or something. What do I do?
take it to a guitar shop and get it fixed. There's no point in wasting valuable practice time with problems like this.
Mine did that. It was the pickup selector switch.
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That oughta do it.

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yeah ok my plans are ill have it set up, fixed up, and ill get a case. Just need to find a place. and ill get some cleaning stuff, some scratch fixer, some fretboard cleaner. bah now money is being spent.
If could either be a cable, one of the pedals are on but out of battery, the input jack is messed up, the pickup selector switch is messed up, your pickups are done (very rare), and probably a few more cause I can't think of right now.

My advice? Check the obvious, screw open the cable. Then, if you can't figure out what it is, take it to a store or shop.
The FIRST thing I would do it tighten the jack with a pair of pliers instead of your fingers. If the problem persists, then check the other things mentioned, then take to a shop if needed.

No need spending money/time if you don't need to.
Unscrew the jack, tighten up from the inside. Using pliers get it as tight at you possibly can, you won't break it. Then screw it back on and if it still cuts out check your cable.
Alright, when you unscrew it you have 2 wires, the actual output and a 2 nuts (I guess you could call them nuts) There's one nut on the outside and one inside. Take your pliers and grab the one on the inside, then turn it really tight. As tight as you can get it. Do the same to the one on the outside.

Screw it back and and your done. It's really simple once you know what you're doing. As long as you are holding the output jack in one hand and turning the nut with the other you'll be fine. Also, since it's been loose once it will probably come loose again so what some things to look out for.

Never rest the guitar on the thick park of the cabe that goes into the output jack. Like when you're sitting on a couch, it's very bad for the jack. Don't pull or step on the cable, it WILL loosen it again. After you tighten it up once...you'll never have fun doing it again. Haha

Hope that helps.