So after about a year and a half of playing guitar I've had two guitars my first was a cheap little first act walmart guitar but I have since then saved up and bought a Ibanez RG series!!! So looking at this dinky little I thought "why not fix it up?" So I ahve since sanded it down and everything now for the painting and designs. Well I have had my sister draw on my pickguard with designs ansd everything but it jsut smudges. What kind of material can I put on it to preserve the drawings?
um... there are the paint markers in AC Moore if ya know what it is, if ya don't, its a craft store, but these markers shoot out paint instead of the normal stuff that comes out off markers
What he said as far as basically this: "get markers that won't fade"

However, if you want to keep the designs she drew on there NOW, then I would say cross your fingers and spray on a few coats of clear lacquer.