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I dont want a virus!!!

Why should I do it?

I did it, I don't have any

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I think it's toungue in cheek, but no doubt he'll get flamed

I asked him if Zakk was his real name or if he changed it, still no response.

MC name = Bearrorism
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I am 14 and get excited when I see my older sister, is this normal?

I'm not really sure, I use to get excited when I saw my friends sisters, but I never had one of my own. I don't think it's that normal, but it's probably pretty common when you're that age. Maybe try sneaking in on her in the shower and get a good look to make sure. If you're really into it, ask her to do something, if she isn't, wait till she's drunk and make your fantasy's come true!

He is my new favourite person ever.