Okay, here's my question.

I've been playing for several months, teaching myself with whatever I can find. As of right now, I've only practiced at chords, and I can play them somewhat competently. However, I'm having a lot of proplems when it comes to single-string riffs. I keep hitting the wrong string by accident. Whenever I play a strumming pattern that requires me to switch between strings, I screw it up. It feels like I'm strumming with a chicken drumstick.

Is there a practice or song that I can do that'll focus on my right hand o' death?
My advice? Deep Purple. That's what I learned single-note picking on when I started out. A good deal of their stuff is single-note and fun to play, not to mention it ranges from beginner to beginner-intermediate, so it'll keep you busy for a while.

If you really can't get single-note stuff at all at first, start with their power-chord songs, since that'll get you closer to single-string picking while still allowing for a bit of imprecision.

Also, Highway Star is really good for building picking stamina early on.
Keep practicing what you're playing already but play it slower; slow it down until you can play it right and with good technique and then start to speed it up.
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