Yeha so i need some advise on what amp to get. I've been looking at the orange 10 because it has that nice crunchy tone but then I saw the Roland cube 15x but i've read some reviews on it they all say that it has a more "modern tone" to it but at the same time it has the effects and a power squezer and if there are better ones out there please mention them.

By the way i'm looking for a "bedroom" amp
vox ad15vt

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+1 on the vox ad15vt. im getting the vox ad30vt as soon as i have the cash. but if thats not what ur lookin for the cube 15x is also nice. im just guessing but i'd say ur a beginner so if you got the vox you would get all those nice effects to play around with and u wouldnt have to buy any expensive pedals. and if it were me... the only thing the orange 10 has goin for it is the flippin sweeeettt color. lol get the vox. you wont regret it. and if u dont have the cash just wait til christmas or sumthin. do long division while you wait. haha
I don't think you should get the Orange, for the same price you could get a amp with some convineint effects and a selection of usable tones.

in short, if you play more metal get the cube, if you're more into classic rock/blues get the vox.
Vox Da5 or MicroCube, both are great bedroom practice amp loaded with features. One of the best being battery powered if desired for jamming anywhere.