I recently bought a Charvel So-Cal with a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge and an Evolution in the neck, and although I like Dimarzio pickups a lot, I really didn't like this particular combination. I've settled on an Air Norton for the neck, but I'm having trouble deciding between a D-Sonic for the bridge or a Steve's Special. They both have the exact same output, so it's purely a matter of tone. It would be hard to describe the exact tone I'm looking for, but the sound has to have good definition and a nice attack. I play mainly rock and metal, especially solo-oriented material. Any advice on which one to choose?
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i prefer the D Sonic. it's made for dropped tuning but still good for standard. has smooth lead tone too. Air Norton/ D Sonic combo.
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Awesome, thanks guys. I was leaning towards the D-Sonic, but I just wanted to get some other opinions.