Well you need to tune your guitar properly for starters. But it's actually pretty clean other than that. There's a few little mistakes here and there but this is good.
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I give up.

It needs some work but you have the right idea. How long have you been working on the song?
Wow. Thats a bad recording. As in the quality of the recording. Get better equipment if you dont like. Great playing for only 3 months though.
^^dont listen to him, hes being a dick
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Your 5th or A string is out of tune other than that it is great. I actually like the fuzziness in the background it sounds like the ocean. A happy accident, to me.
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^^dont listen to him, hes being a dick

no sir i am not just poorly wording it but honestly who doesnt know the 20 dollar mic sound.
ive been working on the song for about 2-3 weeks i dont play it constantly or anything though
ive got another video of hotel california were i had only been playing for 2 months and literally learnt the song 2 hours before it.
awesome for only being a guitar player for 3 months. as said before, you need to tune your guitar better (or maybe you were pressing down on the fret too hard).