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Really cool man, thanks for sharing.

I like hearing stuff that's a bit different
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They're the nicest guys you'll met. We've had years on drunken nights together.
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You've posted them before on an older username. I forget my impression of them but unfortunatly, this laptop is crap and has no sound, so my judgement shall be delayed.
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thery are ok, for a californian punk band, because californian punk bands usually all sound the same

though I cannot really see why Brian says they are differently......though the more I listen to them the more I like them

EDIT: There singer has a touch of Dave Dictor......does he wear dresses?
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Alex doesn't wear dresses. But wheres lip stick on stage. And a pink bandana around his neck. We kinda have the same thing going wearing pink bandanas everyday n such. A few of us out here do.