So im a huge fan of muse and Matt Bellamy, the guitar player, has these custom manson guitars with Kaoss Pads built into them (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaoss_Pad). So i searched "Kaoss guitar" and got this tutorial on how to build it- http://www.unmaintained.com/forums/1/43/ShowThread.aspx

Im going to save up for a cheap Epiphone les Paul, Kaoss pad, and all other supplies and im going to get working on it! it seems like the coolest thing that can be done to a guitar. If you play guitar and have some idea of modding them, i advise you take a look at it!

here are some videos of them in use


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBCJVgWSDsQ - being used by muse

heres an example of one of Matt's actual guitars
thats a really bad way of diong it. its not MIDI - so you cant use the pad with anything else. you have to butcher a kaoss pad which you wont be able to use properly with anything else, and to me, and others, with the connections used it just looks cheap and very diy.

having said that, unfortunately, no one seems to know how to do it the proper, midi way using a seperate x-y pad and a programmed midi controller, which is how matts guitars are done.

so unless you know and electronics wizard, and if you really want to do it, i guess this is the only way to go. plus, its your guitar so its your choice
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Why the hell would you want it in MIDI form? That makes it virtually impossible to use with any amp.
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