I always hated Criss Angel.

Where in Orange County are you from TS? I live in Newport Beach.
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I always hated Criss Angel.

Where in Orange County are you from TS? I live in Newport Beach.

I liked the song, the video was hilarious though.
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the only good thing about that link is that it took me on a fantastic 15 minute journey on youtube. just by clicking on different 'related videos'

oh yes.
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Thats a very insightful post, guy with Mario dry humping Peach as his avatar.

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ah, UG, just like myspace, but no pictures.
the good old days...
I didn't even get half way through before turning the video off due to it making my ears bleed.
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I hate Chris Angel. His name is bull****, he looks kinda like a douche, and that band sucked.
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wow... that chorus is gonna be stuck in my head all week. Thanks.
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