I don't know if anyone would be able to help but I am tying to complete the solo on Dazed and Confused and about half way through it from playing the same thing over and over again my hand starts to cramp up anyone have any tips for me so that I may be able to complete the full solo
You could try using a metronome and slowly building up speed until you can play it at the right tempo but basically what it comes down to is just practice.
Do you warm up before you start playing(play scales)?

Sometimes I will just get so excited about playing a song and won't warm up so I get cramps.
Scales with a metronome before you play songs does wonders for stamina and muscle memory

And then yes, you should take the metronome and slow it down to the point where you can play the whole solo through with out hand aches and then gradually build up speed. The other by-product of this is that your overall tone will be better and more consistent as you work it up to the recorded speed.