Ok, so this may not be the place for this band, but oh well I think they'll get a good reaction here. Well anyway, check them out if you haven't heard of them, really good melodic hardcore band. My favorite song of theirs is One For the Good Guys. Discuss...

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You can listen to their whole new album on punknews, if I remember correctly.
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**** yes, they live right near me, one of my friends is friends with all the guys. I liked them a little more back when they were on the punker side, but they still kickass. If you like them check out paint it black, also from around here.
Good ass band. It's a shame I missed them when I was at a show they were playing at. I was going to see the Bouncing Souls and the Loved Ones, and it was sold out, but they were letting some people in periodically. So I wait on the line with my friend through the entire Static Radio set (which I didn't even know was going on yet) before I got in. It was still an awesome show, though.