I made a thread like this a loooong time ago. It failed.
Daron. The Pit loves you.
daron aka kosmic is now a pit legend
Best post on the pit. Good for you.
thats pretty epic.
So you're like a slower paced Forrest Gump...
Quote by kosmic
I made a thread like a loooong time ago. It failed.

Well, thanks for the bump anyway
I've been listening for like 10 years. Anyone remember the TV show before the radio show?
I've listened to it a few times.

I think most of those people make that stuff up though.

I LOL'ed at the guy who called in about his penis having two holes though.

"One hole is in the regular place and one is on the bottom, so I pee from the bottom of my penis sometimes."

Couldn't help but LOL.
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You know you're in the drug thread when you see pictures of squash and "tuna nigga!" when you click the page.
The funniest thing is when New York was the guest and described, in detail, how to give your man head. Massive Lol's were induced. Anyone have like a youtube link or audio clip of that?
They were having an interview with John Dolmayan from Scars on Broadway and System of a Down like two days ago, but when I tried to find the station they were on (I used Loveline.com and type in my state and everything), I get a bunch of Mexican ****?
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I only listened when Adam Carolla was a host.
Here's my Youtube channel.
I play guitar and video games on it.
You're more than welcome to check it out.

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