I had to chime in here. Wow! That was a brilliant song. The guitar was good, nothing too insane but certainly fit the song well. I like the unusual chord voicings you chose. Really, I have to say it's your vocals that blew me away. You're singing is top notch right up there with the best of this genre. I could definitely see you having a future in this biz.

Got nothing to critique at this time but just wanted to give you props.
Wow! Prichie thats amazing! Your comment is the reason I like posting stuff online! For every 5 negative comments I get, I get one compliment that makes it all worth it.

I made a comment on your youtube page: )
Do you have Messenger or something?
Hey. That's really pretty good. Very well done on the acoustic guitar part. The only that I slightly disliked about the song was the reverb on your voice. For some reason, it often bugs me when singers have reverb used on their voices. In this situation, I felt it detracted from your great voice. It just didn't feel right, for some reason. Other than that, great job.
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That looks like a digestive biscuit that's been thrown up by a cat.
Ohad, depends on what kind of messenger you mean. I have aim,msn etc. Thanks for the comment btw

I try to keep effects to their minimum in my recordings most of the time. So the reverb is just a hint of it to keep the song polished and to make it more professional. Sorry you disliked that part!