HI, my first post or thread in this fine community. I am buying a Schecter C1 E/A guitar, the one with a piezo also. Now, I would like to know from those with a similar guitar, maybe even a Gibson Epiphone Ultra II, or others, about the best strings to take advantage of both of the vibrations. I mean a set of strings that will perform the best in this kind of guitar.

The reason I am asking this, is because, just lately I have noticed that the strings you choose make a HUGE difference. On my acoustic electrics, I went from D' addario, to Martin phospors, SP's, to DR's (nice 4 strings but the high B and E, naw), etc. So, please direct me to the guitar strings, inc. guages that have worked for the members in the past. Thanks for listening and assisting, psingman
First of all, welcome to UG!

Second of all I have no idea so I'm sorry I can't help. that is probably people haven't chimed in yet because they don't know a good answer. Just keep waiting patiently and someone will pop up.