A guy came and bought my pocket pod and bought from me in the past. He also wanted to buy my SG at the time but needed to come back with more money. He asked me to hold it for him for a month and gave me $150 down on it. We agreed on a month and that expires tomorrow.

Trouble is I can't find his phone number to let him know time's running out.

Tomorrow I own the guitar and I guess the $150 too.

He's got my address and phone no but no peep from him. I want to be fair about this.

What would you do?

Go onnnn take the money and run.
Go onnnn take the money and run.
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if you want to be fair, put the money in a bank and get a bit of intrest off it untill he calls, and if he dosen't in say... a few months or so, i guess its yours
i've been in that situation with an acoustic pickup.
i'd give him a few more days, just so you can go on record as being nice and "gone the extra mile" about it,
but a deal IS a deal man...
Umm.. do you know his name? Look him up in the phone book, if you can. If not you tried, wait a couple days because like you said it hasn't been an entire month so it is still ok. I wouldn't spend the money until he gets the guitar, though.
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was there a written agreement or just verbal? I'd hunt down his number and tell him tomorrows the deadline and if hes still interested give him another week or so and if he doesn't comeback by then you just earned some cash.
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Yea, it was verbal and I'll give it a week then. I don't know if I'll put it up for sale again. I like the guitar but I don't like the pups too much.

EDIT: His name is Abe and I think his last name starts with a V. He is Hispanic.