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People Prototypes

Time flies when you're not high
No escape from the boring sequences of everyday life
Do we value honesty or would we rather pass it by
By making the excuse of leaving it to time.

This cigarette box it speaks to me
It tells me smoking kills and there's 10 milograms of tar
And when I taste the smoke it makes me wanna spit
But I enjoy the relaxation I enjoy from my habit
I prefer to tell myself I'd go insane if I quit.

Now we're looking for excuses to rubbish our addictions
But I don't want excuses I just enjoy my ability
To gain some stability from within my own mundane fiction
Why do we struggle with this bore we call reality?

Why do I hate what everybody loves?
It's easier than it seems when you see how much they suck
I don't need to be hospitalised I'm comfortable with my mind
Someday they'll all realise taht being yourself is fine.

Tension becomes a suction tool
As the water is forced down the plughole
Let me incapacitate your mind
With all my endless **** talking
Surely it's not as degrading
As being told who you are.

I know who I am?
But who are you?

Crits will be returned. Promised. I know there's soemthings could be touched up and I may add to this. Suggestions would be very welcome.
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