I'm just looking for a tiny amp I can take places, probably one of those amps that take a 9V battery, or any other similar battery. I dont know where to begin searching or what to search for. I searched MusiciansFriend with no luck, I dont know what to search there.

I was thinking no bigger than 10 inches, probably smaller in size, but I'm interested in whatever is avaible.

Also, isnt there some sort of amp you can just plug right into the guitar and it hangs off of it?
Yes thare are amps you can just plug directly into the guitar. The only ones I know of that are like that are headphone amps tho. I'm stuck with the same situation. I want a line6 micro spider but the only music shop I can get to by my self only has a marshel micro double stack and a mini fender amp.
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The micro cube is a maybe... but I was hoping for something even smaller. like, seriously portable. Again I was hoping for 10 inches or under. I've seen an amp that was like 4 inches big lol. It was at the local music shop nearby.
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