I've got an Ibanez RG series (not sure what number) guitar collecting dust in the corner and I wanted to throw in some new pickups. Based on everything I have read, it sounds like the DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup is the way to go for 80s metal. My question is this (and I'm sorry if its a stupid question) but do I get the same pickup for the neck and the bridge position? Also, it appears there are different "Super Distortion" pickups. Which "Super Distortion" pickup would be best? Any advice would be appreciated.
you dont have to get the same kind of pickup for neck and bridge. the original super distortion sounds about around your alley. the new ones are just hotter versions of it. Also check out the tone zone, its a rather good 80's pup
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Thanks for the responses. To answer your question about why I never play the Ibanez, I just have never really been happy with it. I have a Les Paul and really enjoy playing that one, I just thought I would play around with the Ibanez and see what happens. If not the same pickup for both positions, what do you suggest for each position?
I personally don't like high output pickups in the neck.

Personally I run a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a '59 (paf copy) in the neck. You could go in a similar route and get a Dimarzio PAF pro or virtual PAF (idk how that sounds in comparison to the SD PAF copy).

on a second note.

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depends how you want your guitar structures. If you want an extremely clean sound, the air norton, and original paf do a great job. If you want good clean with smooth leads, the paf pro and joe do the job. the joe is a little cleaner and smoother than the pro.

As for necks the super distortion is a good choice with your styles. also the like i said the tone zone is worth a look.

these suggestion are of course if you want to stick with dimarzios. theres other companies worth a look as well, such as seymour duncan, bare knuckels(if you are in uk or dont mind spending a little cash) etc.

^ if its an rg ibanez, then the jb is going to be super bright in it. The jazz an '59 do a decent job. the jazz is a personal favorite of mine.
I traded in my Real Books for Robbins and Cotran Pathology Textbooks