The lead guitar sounds like it's playing in the wrong key. Either that or it's out of tune. You're landing on some "bad" notes to land on. Make sure to keep your bends in tune.

Also it doesn't sound like you're listening to yourself as you play. It sounds like somebody who just learned the minor pentatonic play random notes and randomly bend. Make it sound good, listen to what you're playing and use your ear to hear what would come next. Learn some "blues phrases" and expand your blues vocabulary because right now, frankly, it's not working.
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Yea, I think that's WAY in the wrong key. Several wrong notes. I dunno man, it's kinda hard to critique when it doesn't sound too hot. Better than me after a year as far as speed goes. Slow down and listen to what notes are right and which ones sound good. Play it clean w/no distortion and see how it sounds. Needs some work man, but keep on truckin. c4c?

sorry about topping this..
but from backing track intro..this song is in the key of D right?
I'm on the 'wrong key'-train too dude. But it sounds like it would sound really good if it weren't in the wrong key to me! keep it up!
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this is great. you've got the words!
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