I'd cut a bar or two off the intro, seemed a tad long, but it works. Doesnt sound like singing much, kinda like he's just talking. I'm listening and it's a lil repetitive, maybe throw in a bridge using the intro chord progression, I like that. Props to drummers who can play and sing, hell I can barely use 2 extremities and sing much less 4 lol. Your background singing isn't too bad. Why don't you sing? The song starts off catchy, solo is pretty good, I just think it needs a bridge to mix it up, but if you're going for the punk sound that's up to you.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=929642
Thanks for the crit man I agree about the intro it wasnt really something we set in stone we kinda of just did it and thats how it turned out. An I'll see if we can come up with something for a bridge. About the singing I do sing a couple of the songs, but if you heard us live his voice does sound better. Camera's just don't seem to like his voice or something, lol.