ok well my band consists of me guitarist/singer and bassist/singer and drummer...

the drummer is the best drummer i know. the problem is he has so many friends and he never makes time to practice. hes always busy. we havent practiced at all this whole summer. its usually just me and bassist jamming/writeing.

we have been looking for a drummer for a while and we have one that has been playing for a few years and never really practiced until in the last month or two and he has gotten much better but he is still nowhere close to as good as the other drummer. (plus this drummer lives like 3 houses away and is over my house all the time anyway, while the other drummer lives a few miles away). This drummer that isnt as good has more heart towards playing and it takes a while to learn a song because he needs to be taught the parts and what order they go in while the other drummer just knows it.

so which one would you go with if you were in our position? more skill... or ... more practice?

I would try to talk with your current drummer to practice more, if he still doesn't practice kick him out and bring in your new drummer. If he can't get the drum parts down after a few months try to find a new drummer.
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I'm currently in a band where everyone has pretty good playing abilities but are way to busy to practice. I would honestly rather have commitment over heaps of skill. Even if the less talented drummer is not very good, if he is committed then he will get better quickly.
take the one that has more dedication. It seems to me that the other drummer really isn't that interested and if he was in the band, he would probally quit within a few months. If you take the less experienced one he will get better as you go and will stick with you. Its an easy choice in my eyes.
thanks guys... i think we are going to just start practicing with the less experienced drummer and if it doesnt work out we still have the other one
Try and get a set weekly practice time that you and your drummer can agree on. That way he can plan ahead and always know that that time is dedicated to band practice. This makes it very easy for him to move stuff around, if still can't make it to practice then get rid of him. Get the other drummer to play as much as possible to get him comfortable with playing with you guys. Good luck!
well i had the lack of skill player over today and we got about 5 or 6 songs played through... so i think i might stick with him.... thanks guys