Does anyone have one of these. I was thinking getting a reissue but I don't know if its worth 380 USD. Also are there pedals just as good for a cheaper price? And I want to hear some sound clips of the pedal being used.

The reissue I was talking about is the Chicago Iron Parachute Wah.
There's a schematic and PCB layout at geofex.com if you want to make one on the cheap. You could etch a board and put the circuit in a regular wah shell.

At the very least it'd be much cheaper.
In the Oven:

18 Watt!
That's a good idea but I don't know anything about wiring. What about the Ibanez Weeping Demon? I need a pedal that can get me a sound like this
I think the Tychobrahe is the only pedal to get that sound. It is a wah, but it has a bit of a phase sound in it and also a bit of a volume sweep. Would be very difficult to replicate without that pedal or a clone of that pedal.