I'm a 17 year old singer from Hudson County looking to form a band. I'd like to have individuals with similar influences in the band (some of mine are Chiodos, A Skylit Drive, Blessthefall, Mayday Parade, The Devil Wears Prada). Looking for a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and a keyboardist, one of whom could hopefully sing/scream (a 2nd guitarist wouldn't be totally necessary; I could play when needed). Hit me with a PM if this sounds good to you .
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Man, ive been looking for a serious band but there are not too many chances down here in cape may.But Hudson county is a little far
how far is that from warren county?

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little far for a band but i will keep the idea in mind

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hey i'm from princeton and am up for this. i've been guitarring for 6 years and bassing for 5.
man you are killing me haha. My aim screen name is freeebiiirddd. If that doesn't work for you I guess I can give you my number? Haha
Um, no... I, uh, don't have aim... guess I'm gonna need your number?

no I'm kidding, I'll IM you sometime

Isn't kinixtion that blog that went down? Wasn't the webmaster's name Jenna? Isn't YOUR name Jenna?

Hey there New Jersey. I used to live there and now have a super hot recording studio where me and my bandies slam away Slayer and Stryker tunes. I am hot too. Many tats, buff with ninja skills on the guitar. Google my business, warnerpcsolutions and you will see me and my band Rate of Fire, sweet! Bandmix too. I am the man!!
...I'm sure you're just God's gift to music

I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. But I'll guess we have different beliefs and motives. My motive with that was to get people to stop giving money to record labels and stores and start giving it directly to the band. How this would happen is that they'd listen to the records, go to a show and buy some merch. That way the labels and stores don't take most of the profit. Sorry if you disagree. Don't contact me about playing I'm no longer interested.
I was referring to the guy above me... I wouldn't be that rude to you for no apparent reason.

Whether or not you're still interested, I'm sorry if I offended you.
Aw it's alright

Sign on to aim more often, I never see you on
Hey. Are you still looking for someone to do screams? I'm from south Hunterdon County. Idk how far that is from Hudson. I can do screams. My singing isn't that good. And I'm a novice guitar/bass player.
You're influences are pretty sweet. Mine are similar, but on the heavier side.