Well i just got a new acoustic guitar (starter pack, $200) about 3-4 weeks ago and i started up private lessons right away and im starting to progress and get a little better.

But lately i've been skimming through these forums and i've noticed some threads about action tweeking and such so i have a few questions.

Exactly what is action?

If i lowered or highered ii what are the pros vs. cons?

About how much does it cost to get a local store to do it for you?

And Is it worth it for my starter guitar?

Action is how high your strings are above your fretboard, changing the action generally changes the feel of the guitar.
Low action means the strings are close to the fretboard. The strings feel looser and are easier to bend, vibrato etc, but there is more fret buzz and less sustain.
High action means the strings are higher above the fretboard. The strings feel tighter and are harder to bend and vibrato, but there is less or no fret buzz and more sustain.
It's quite simple to adjust the action yourself and most players do. You may need some tools depending on what kind of bridge you have. Here's a site explaining how to adjust action on any guitar http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/action.htm
Any guitar, with a proper set up (action, tension, intonation) will feel a hundred times better, even a crap starter guitar (not saying your guitar is crap)
EDIT: I just noticed you were talking about adjusting the action on an acoustic guitar
Here's a link explaining how to adjust the action of an acoustic guitar
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Action is the height of the strings off the neck.

The lower the action the faster you can fret the note. Not having to push the string so far to the fret. The lower the action the better, unless your playing slide guitar. High action rules there.

On an acoustic guitar I don't think you can lower the action without some filing of the bridge. As I don't play acoustic I don't even know if that is possible.

Hopefully that helps answer your questions.

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