ive decided to go with the paul reed smith but what i was wondering about it is... does the tremolo version of the guitar go out of tune faster than the stopbar version (for those who have or have played both)? and im just talking about normal playing, not actually using the bar that much. because if the stopbar version stays in tune a lot better... i would rather get that then the trem version. i just figured that if they both stay in tune the same and there really isnt much of a difference, i might as well get the trem just because it makes more opportunities for more sounds.

Having a trem sitting there without use won't do anything, get the trem.
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I actually have this exact guitar in Tobacco Sunburst and it NEVER goes out of tune, ecspecially if you aren't using the tremolo.

Just make sure it gets properly set up.
get locking tuners, it doesnt come with them. then u should be set.
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thanks for the responses! im so glad i decided to go with this over the epi les paul. it completely blows it out of the water (at least based on the ones i played at the store)