alright. i know we have these new thingamajiggers these days called, "Computers", but i want to record to cassette. I have an old Fender "J.A.M." amp that still works and has tape inputs on it.I also have a Technic Tape deck that records and plays back. My question is, "What inputs do i plug into the amp?". The back of the tape deck has a line in and a line out, while the amp just has 1 set that say "tape input" above them.
i have not idea about the inputs, but I know for a fact that recording by with a good microphone with sound **** loads better.
I don't think you can do it that way. I'm pretty sure that the way the circuit is set up inside the amp only takes signals in from the "tape in" and won't send any signals out.
"Tape input" means exactly that - it's an input for a tape deck, presumably so you can "JAM" along with prerecorded music.

Even if your amp had a line out, and it sounds like it doesn't, you probably wouldn't want to use that to record anyway. You'd be missing most of the character of the amp that only comes through the speakers with the volume cranked up. But, I guess there are people who are satisfied with that sound.

I'd suggest getting a decent mic and a preamp. Any decent mixer would work great for this. Mic your amp, and run the tape out on the mixer to your recorder.