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13 65%
11 55%
Voters: 20.
gibson dude the explorer owns but i love bc rich
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they are both overpriced for what they are and the quality has gone down over the years and the price up.

Some are better than others.

but it depends on what sound you want.......humbucker or singles.

i prefer brands that give me more for my money for example ......Peavey.

Get a humbucker guitar for 3x less the cost for just as great as a guitar.

Thats my opinion.
aren't versus threads ILLEGAL :0
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i prefer fender basses over gibson basses but guitars i'm rather indifferent. with my guitar i kinda said **** both of them and got an ESP
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aren't versus threads ILLEGAL :0

He never said the V word.

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It's a personal opinoin. Whatever you like to play, They are both reliable, deep rooted brands that many swear by. Lots of artists use both Gibsons and Fenders. What ever fits your playing style and feels comfortable to you. That's all that is important.
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lol.......oh so true........I just don't know when to stop.

I think people should buy what they want. lol
well..... ive tried a bunch of guitars and to be honest those guitars dont compare to a jackson RR5 Rhoads or an ibanez prestige but to trully find the axe of your dreams is to test them out for yourself so id advise to go to a local music store like and mess around with a few oh and btw id take a gibson over a fender any day!!!
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Look at all of the great guitarists who use and trust Fender
-Jimi Hendrix
-Eric Clapton
-Nokie Edwards (Ventures)
-Bob Dylan
-Freddie Murcury
-Paul McCartney
-Tom Petty
-Jimmy Page
...+more to come
i love bolth and want one of each but you can beat on a fender all u wnat where with a les paul you really have to be carefull because its a touchy guitar... now i will say this *dont kill me* i think gibsons quality has been in the ****ter for a coule years where as fender has maintained a fairly good quality now maybe thats just on the guitars i have played but my faith in gibson was wesyored yesterday when i played a new 08 les paul with a 50s neck sounded great looked awsome as les pauls do... so yeahh but my fave is fender because i just feel more at home with a strat it suits what i want to play
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This is the Newbies Q&A forum...

No guitar related topics/questions here

this ^

usually a thread can be moved to the appropriate forum,
but most forum Mods won't allow VS threads.

and you didn't frame the question very well, anyway.

Acoustic guitars? Electric guitars? Amplifiers? All products?
Both companies make all of these.
So where would your thread be moved to?

anyway, the Newbie forum is for learning how to use navigate the forums,
use the control panel, etc.
be sure to read the FAQ and Rules threads stickied at the top of the index while you're here.

and feel free to post in the welcome thread, if you like.

good luck.
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