hi. i was thinking of making my own bass. im not sure if it'd be to hard because ive never worked with wires or wiring. im trying to get a mix between a jazz bass and music man. heres what ive come up with so far

body - price unknown (music man sting ray)
neck - $90-250 (fender jazz bass neck)
bridge - $50-70 (badass bass bridge II)
pickup - $85 (music man standard noisless pickup)
pickguard - $20-30 (sting ray pickguard)
wiring and etc. - unknown price and things needed

please help or tell me if i'd be able to handle this (im only 13!!!)
im not sure where you'll get the body from and you might have to check the dimensions for the neck for the body

also remember that the neck only has 20-frets it might be a bit less for people
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Having never done any instrument building myself i can only say what i have noticed with friends who did.

Its harder than you think. Getting things like pickups and bridges to fit teh body can be a dog. But having said that you will learn a lot of valuable lessons about the instrument's physiology if you do.
Yeah, that neck won't fit. The MM has a 21fret neck that fits into a larger (I believe) neck pocket than the Fender neck.

Also, you'll be screwed over by intonation by putting a 20 fret neck into a 21 fret body.
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you might be able to buy a 21-fret fender jazz neck from www.warmoth.com

that might solve your problem
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I'm an arrogant bastard - I thought I was good before I'd plucked a note. I was right, of course.

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sonsie knows all
k thanks all. seems like i wont be tackiling this projesct having no experience id prolly ylose my sanity trying...
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i'd recommend buying your jazz bass neck then making the body from scratch using plans for a stingray and adjusting them accordingly
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I don't think the neck is going to fit with out doing some work. The Stingray has deeper pocket and it set up for a neck that is slightly longer and its attached using 6 bolts.

The Fender has a shallower neck and the neck is attached with 4 bolts.

I doubt the holes will match up and I don't think that drilling new holes is a good option.

I would do one of these things:
1a. Buy a Jazz/P-bass body that hasn't been routed. Route it your self, making it musicman-ish.
1b. Make your own body from scratch.

2. If you didn't want to mess with the body, I would try and buy and Sterling neck, it will fit the stingray body and neck profile similar to a Jazzes.

EDIT: Sorry for the big picture.
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i don't think it will fit, i tried something like this a couple of weeks ago, 20 fret neck going on a 24, and it failed - but i gained some knowledge along the way. just sayin dont waste ur time
WOW soo thats what the new Musicman looks like on the Back my Musicman has Metil cover
1990 one here I like Musicman when i saw the CARs silver stingray love the way it looked like the ric Gaddy Lees play in the 70 74ric and 1976 A guitar is something to fall in love will
that is how i look at it.its not a guitar but a partner i love all my guitars some more my frist love is my ric then my musicman I use my musicman lot on big gigs both I like fender to I am old school I was a teen in the 70s I met RUSH in 76 they talk with me and my Brothers for 10M it was a life time it chang me to go to play the best i can wean i play i give my all it is you that make a the road your on .one said you never no we may see you play one day
if you ever here me play I will give my best
Hey dude, when I was 14 I was in your position, and solved the wiring troubles fairly easily by buying a cheap Jazz copy, some Duncans and a neck and body set from Warmoth. I took the electronics out of the copy, transplanted the (mostly) intact electronics to the new bass and replaced the pickups a few days after I got the beast growling.

Edit: fairly sure Warmoth don't do MM bodies though. And props for being open about being 13, saved me writing out grammar tips.
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