So those amps you guys recommended me. wayyyyyy to expensive.
I just want a nice distortion/good tone. i want the poprockish tone (all time low, just surrender). and maybe some poppyhardcore (a day to remember.) i have an marshall mg100dfx and i wanna upgrade to something better cause everything with the amp died, the input part fell apart and everything.

so i wont get a half stack. but im leaning over two combos

crate flexwave 2x12 120w

and crate vtx 2x12 120w. which ones should i get.

my budget is around 400-550
does guitarcenter sell traynors?

and can they give me the tone for the music i play?
this is your third thread about the same thing. in like the last 24 hours,

and you posted 4 more before those 3, about THE SAME TWO AMPS!!!

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Just get a high quality 30 watt combo. Find a used Peavey Classic 30, the Crate V30 is pretty good.

Neither of the Crates are an upgrade over the MG, and honestly, you can get a better amp for the money if you just cut down on wattage.
Neither of those amps in your first post will be much better than your MG.

Look in the used market for Traynor YCV's, Mesa F series, Peavey Classics, stuff like that.
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15 years ago my SS Crate 120W CXL series was the best metal amp I ever heard, today I demoed their 18W tube amp. Ugh, horrible and lifeless, Crate where have you gone?
^ Mabe its becasue the 18W amp is voiced for classic rock and not metal, and really are great at what they do, mabe its not the amps tone that sucks, only your perseption of what good tone is.
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get a flexwave. theyre amazing

No, they're not.
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