Here is a small example.

40 hours a week, you work
paycheck to paycheck, your guidelines
Wake up..right now..it's time
Mr. CEO, who wouldn't spare a dime

Wake up.
What will you have after your dead?
Who are the people that you've helped?
Not a soul, only yourself
That brain may clog your head
but it goes to show the buyer is bought
you, the businessman hadn't a thought
only cared if your profits had dropped.
The pharmacy says we're sick
We need our drugs, now!
I have a headache
I need a Tylenol
Drugging the plagued.
Plaguing the plauged.

So Mr. CEO,
Pass out in your hottub on your giant estate
Dig the last drop of oil from the ground
Drink and laugh..eat the steak of your plate
Awake from your coma and start looking around

are you awake?
those are your clouds of acid
that is your melting iceburg
those Extinct animals cannot be saved
But forget it, there's money to be made
and in the long run...nothing to gain

I like writing about what's on my mind, I can write about anything you tell me to. Describe to me the emotions you are having and stuff...and I'll work something out.

I want to be a song writer for a band one day. I want that band to get really really famous and pay me nothing.
so you want to write lyrics for bands that you don't know that may or may not be relevant to the theme of the written song and in return you want absolutely no compensation? that's rather odd my friend...
I like writing.

I just want to be tight with the band, and credited for what I've done.

The world revolves around money..but I don't
Quote by TheCancerHasYou
Here is a small example.

...I need a Tylenol...

Brand advertising, eh?

I came up with this:

Wake up
Have a coke
Grab yourself a pair of Nikes
Buy some tighty-whities
After all
Wal-Mart is the best.