Hey, suddenly all of my programs that use midi files (GP, Powertab, Audiiton, etc) are totally silent. I can't figure out why. I've turned up the volume in preferences, I've checked the volume controls and Synth isn't muted. Anyone have an idea?
Go to "My Computer" click on your local drive, (probably C) and select the format option. Keep the settings on the default and press the start button.

or you could read this and see if it helps http://www.geocities.com/budallen98_98/mmerrors.html
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restart your computer...

...or get a mac
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Go to control Panel,
sounds and audio devices,
and uncheck 'mute'


plug your speakers back in
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this happened to me its the sound driver make sure its properly installed..and make sure the volume levels are up and they are enabled....