Hey guys, I've listed my guitar on eBay, I really want to sell this guitar so I can buy my new Epiphone. Please check it out! thanks. :]

It's an Ibanez RG-Series guitar that I bought two years ago for 600$. It is still in great condition. Has a few minor scratches but looks very good nonetheless. The wood at the head has a tiny chip in it, but is no big deal.

The guitar has just received a full tune-up and is ready to go, hasn't been played since.

It has two humbucker pickups with a single coil in the middle. Has a great sound and its smooth neck and low action makes perfect for shredding.

A very important feature is the bridge; it is a floating bridge with string locks to keep the guitar from getting un-tuned from the tuning keys. An allan key is needed to unlock them.

Guitar comes with a whammy-bar.

NOTE: The stickers on the guitar have been removed and the spots have been cleaned.

I am selling it for 250$, but price is debatable.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, e-mail me at: at-this-velocity@hotmail.com


First of all, I didn't post ANY link to that "site who must not be named". What is it, like cursed?

Second, what's wrong with that site?

Third, you guys need to relax. It's a forum, not a freakin' judicial committee.

I'm just a guy trying to sell a guitar.

I'm sorry if I went against your beliefs by typing out the name of that unholy site.
your asking price of $250 is completely fair, but i just thought i should say that if you in fact paid 600 bucks for that guitar, then you got shafted.
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I'll trade you your derrick clapton and jimmy hendrick signed squire for my bass signed by jesus and spiderman. its a fair trade really