I am pumped about COLD coming back. I had been following Scooter Ward's solo project for a while, but its been getting old because his voice is AWFUL on it, if you want to check it out go to myspace, click on music, and search The Killer and The Star. I am confident that he still has the voice that us COLD fans have grown to love over the years. It is the origional line up too, so hopefully we get a good mix of 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage and Year Of The Spider. One thing I really hope doesn't happen is that COLD comes back with a really religious angle. Scooter has become extremely religious, probably because of his battles with addiction and this is his way of beating the habit. A Different Kind Of Pain was an extremely underrated album and no one gave it as much publicity as it deserved, it was their best work to date. So I am excited and let's see if you are too....
I really hate to say this, but I think this belongs in the nu-metal forum. I was believe there is a thread already dedicated to COLD in there. Sorry.