Hey people, my electric guitar's input is loose and is making a whole bunch of static. It's a Johnson by AXL (I know... you've probably never heard of it before). Anyways, how do I fix this problem?
Tighten it.
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no kidding... but how?... u dont just tighten the outside of the guitar.
Yes, just tighten the part outside of the guitar with some plyers
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hmmm... ok... the guy that works on guitars at this guitar shop told me that theres more to tightening it than just tightening the outside. he said that u had to go inside the guitar n stuff as well.
you pinch that thing that the cable goes into to connect to the guitar... i have to do that every so often with one of my strats
NO DO NOT TIGHTEN IT FROM THE OUTSIDE. This will cause the wires inside to twist and snap, you need to open it up and tighten it from the inside.

BTW, I believe it's an output jack, the input jack is on your amp.
And I'm surprised this isn't common knowledge on a guitar forum.