Busy this summer with festival dates including Liverpool based Creamfields and Matthew Street. Track on the myspace is available for free! Give us a shout, drop some comments,


c'mon baby let the good times roll
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The first thing I notice while listening to "This Is Our Time" is that it has a pretty groovy bassline. Then I notice that all the instruments blend together very well. Then vocals come in and I think, "this is really, really good".

"The Combatant" sounds pretty good overall. Once again, everything seems to blend together and the vocals sound terrific. The only negative thing I have to say about these tunes is that they bore me, but that's probably because my attention span is very low at the moment.
I love it man

i downloaded immediately
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really good stuff.

if you come to the states please do a small tour with my band. i think our sounds could actually blend pretty nicely together
Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated.

Peytonnn, I know you posted a while ago, but what is your band called? Would be interested in having a listen if you think your sound is similar to ours


edit - noticed a few of you are in bands. I'd like to repay your time rating my band by rating yours so drop me some links
c'mon baby let the good times roll
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Holy shit.

After being out ALL day and just listening to metalcore bands, and coming home to this, I'm VERY refreshed.

I really like the music. Has that good UK rock sound, sensing some Muse in there of course, yet the vocals give you a unique touch.

I'd really be interested in seeing how you guys start unfolding because I see a lot of potential here. If you do roll through the states and are close to the DFW Texas area, I'll go enjoy your tunes in person for sure =D

This is my band right here, Silent Surrender. It's a bit different than what you guys do, but I think you may enjoy it nonetheless.


Let me know what you think

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You guys are really good, love the vocs + instrumentation, especially on the first track.

edit - are you gonna make the tracks available for d/l again? I'd like to get the mp3s
thank god, not another metal band.
Even better too see that your band blows 90% of those metal bands away.
That stuff is really good, good mix of guitars, bass and some synths. The voice of the singer complements the whole very well.
True musicianship aaahh, lovely.

the only sidenote I have is that the singers voice would start to bore me after a while but thats just personal preferences.
+1 to this band being better than the majority of crappy metal bands that are around here
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