Ok so Iliza won last comic standing. I've watched a lot of stand up comedy so I like to think I know what is funny. Iliza is not. Personally i think Adam Hunter should of won the whole show but he didn't even make it into final 5. So then I was rooting for either Marcus or Jeff Dye. I almost had a heart attack and I died a little when I learned she won. I'm not just saying this because I'm a guy. Sorry guys, but she never had one joke that ever made me laugh the entire show. But whatever this show is rigged. You can ask Drew Carrey on that one. Does anyone else think her winning is extremely wrong?

Oh and about my Drew Carrey name drop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_comic_standing

Go to this link and scroll down to controversy. I know wikipedia can be full of false stuff but this is true. Also read about the loop hole in voting here:


Anyways im rambling on.
female comedians not being funny?

what else is new?

that said there are a few that are ok,,,,but most suck
Man, I didn't ever find Iliza funny.

I really liked Tavare, Cullen and Foot for some reason.

Of course, what I also don't really understand about things like this is that since they have international competitors, are other countries allowed to vote?

Not that it would matter if the producers didn't like it.
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