I am beginner with 2.5 month experience and started learning enter the sandman like a week ago and I need advice to improve thanks the song is in my profile. I made like two tab mistakes at the end and the part before the main riff.
you need to work on your timing.
and just practice man.
here ima make a recording and put it on my profile, this should be the timing of the song.
not what you have.
practice more a LOT
you have just 2.5 months playing, so its ok, for now...
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so I need to use metronome right because I have tried but its kinda hard
hey guys since I saw you seeing My smells like teen spirit solo i uploaded right know a better version that I just recorded. I have improved in it I think your thoughts?

ps- is it normal that you play better seated down? cause I play all the time standing up.
i play way better sitting down
but dont.
because when you play shows ull be standing up
get in the habit of standing up man
i wish i would have done that kind of a bad habit i have now.
i play sloppy standing up.
and your smelles like teen spirit solo has no structure to it, nor feel, but youve only been playing 2 months lol

were you able to download my file?
yep i downloaded your file... how do I get the fEEling in the song man*hippie voice*
you gotta just FEEL it dude.
its nothing that can be taught.
that is what makes the biggest difference in a good guitar player and a bad one
the good one FEELS the music, not just plays it.
sounds cheesy but im serious
i can play my scales all day and solo
but if im not FEELING the solos that i write, they just dont come out good.
did you get my message?
get a buncha questions together tat u have and ill help u tomorrow
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yep i downloaded your file... how do I get the fEEling in the song man*hippie voice*

As you develop a better sense of music, you'll know when to add vibrato to notes, vibrato is a HUGE part of making your playing sound good, I barely used vibrato up until about last month, and when I did start using it alot, I noticed that my playing sounded ALOT better.
I wouldn't be trying Enter Sandman after such a short time, it might be an easy Metallica song but that doesn't mean it's an easy song in the greater scheme of things It might be slow by their standards but you still need to be bang on the money as far as your right hand rhythm technique goes and you're not going to be anywhere near good enough yet. To be brutally honest, I wouldn't have even known what song it was if you hadn't told us. I'd shelve it for the time being, concentrate on easier stuff and go back to it in a few months.

Focus on the basics for the time being, get your hands used to playing by learning simple, chord based songs. That'll build strength in your left hand and also dexterity andf it'll also help you develop your right hand technique with regards to picking accurately and playing in time.

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